The new IPARD program is a chance for wastewater treatment plants

When the new IPARD program is adopted, as stated in NALED’s announcement, local governments could apply for grants of up to four million euros to build wastewater treatment plants.

At the meeting of NALED’s Food and Agriculture Association, which was held at the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, it was said that less than 8% of municipal wastewater is treated in Serbia, and that by 2040, all local governments are required to build their own facilities. which requires serious investments.

The new IPARD program will therefore be a great chance for cities and municipalities to get funds both for wastewater treatment and for the construction of roads, water supply systems, biogas plants and thermal energy production that will reduce the level of pollution with the help of renewable energy sources. make production cheaper and improve socioeconomic living conditions, among other things, NALED’s statement says.