Clean Serbia significant for Kucevo Municipality

Investments related to the Clean Serbia Project have a significant place among infrastructural investments in the Municipality of Kucevo. The value of works executed in this Municipality is 11.2 million Euros.

The President of the Municipality of Kučevo, Dr. Ivan Rajicic, in addition to investments in the construction of roads and the development of the tourist offer of this Municipality, but also of the entire Branicevo District, singles out the investment related to the “Clean Serbia” Project.

“It is a very significant investment for several reasons. In this way, we will collect all wastewater, and what is very important, it will no longer flow into the Pek river, but instead into a wastewater treatment plant that will be built. We are proud of the fact that we take care of the Pek River as we do of the European river Danube. In the past years, we have had a very important and great battle for the river Pek”, said Dr. Ivan Rajicic, President of the Municipality of Kucevo.
As part of the Clean Serbia Project, works are currently being executed in the settlements of Kucevo and Rabrovo. According to the President of the Municipality, the dynamics of the works show that the deadline for the completion of the works on the sewage network with a total length of 25 kilometers will be met. According to his expectations, the works on the construction of the wastewater treatment plants should start by the end of this year so that they would be in operation next year.

The Clean Serbia Project plans for the investments in the aforementioned works in this Municipality in the amount of 11.2 million Euros.