Janković: We are solving the decade-long problem of wastewater

The President of the Municipality of Mionica Boban Janković, together with the representatives of “Clean Serbia”, the company CRBC and Isidora Burić from the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, visited the works on the construction of the sewage network in this Municipality, which are being carried out within the “Clean Serbia” project.

“Our goal is for the works to go according to plan and to solve the decade-long problem that citizens are facing,” Janković said during the conversation.

The delegation visited the works in Mionica, but in Banja Vrujca where it is the implementation of the mentioned project is also underway.

“This is a big project and it requires a lot of resources, but it’s easier when we know that a huge problem will be solved,” says Janković.

The “Clean Serbia” project in the Municipality of Mionica envisages the construction of a 19-kilometer sewage system and will cover all the settlements in the Municipality of Mionica that have not had sewerage until now.