Stanković: Work has begun in the Vranje village of Zlatokop

In the Vranje village of Zlatokop, work has begun on the construction of a fecal sewage collector, which is being implemented as part of the “Clean Serbia” project.

Marjan Stanković, director of JP “Vodovod”, during a tour of the works, reminded that within the project “Clean Serbia” on the territory of the City of Vranje, the construction of a sewage network in the length of about 142 kilometers is foreseen, both on the territory of the city and in suburban settlements and rural areas. environments.

Stanković says that in the village of Zlatokop, the primary line is being built, which will include the secondary collectors that go from Ćukovac, from Zlatokop and connect with the collector from the village of Trebešinje.

“The length of the water is five kilometers,” said Stankovic.

“As part of the “Clean Serbia” capital project, works are being carried out both in the City and in the surrounding villages, and everything is proceeding according to the established dynamics. About 70 percent of the works have been completed in the City. Through the “Clean Serbia” project, we are now solving all problems,” says Stanković.