The implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project also started in Valjevo

The “Clean Serbia” project is expected to be built in Valjevo sewerage network in the two Municipalities of Popučke and Lelić, and the works began on the left bank of the Kolubara River in the Municipal Municipality of Popučke.

“Popučka is made in two parts, one on the left bank of Kolubara, which is actually an economic zone, and there the planned length of the sewage network is 9,766m. Popučke-right bank of Kolubara is in the design stage, the length of the sewage network is about 15 km”, confirmed the mayor of Valjevo, Lazar Gojković.

Gojković also said that Valjevo would not be able to independently approach such a demanding project for which 11.8 million euros will be allocated.

“The length of the sewage network in Lelić is 1,766m, the City of Valjevo is currently applying for works. The key goal of this project and works is the preservation of the environment, that is in the first place. Then, of course, a higher standard of living for citizens. We are really grateful to the Government of Serbia and the relevant ministry in particular, that the waste water treatment facilities have been planned. We are now in Valjevo only have one and this is a real opportunity to get two more,” said Mayor Gojković.

In order to preserve the Kolubara river and the river basin that form the Rovni reservoir, on the other hand, two wastewater treatment plants will be built in Valjevo, and as Gojković announced, the works on the construction of the plant in Popučki near the industrial zone where two large companies Hansgrohe and Bizerba starts in the first half of May.