The individual in focus: A key factor in the protection of nature

The ecological awareness of each individual unequivocally contributes to the preservation and protection of the environment.

With the progress of technological development, according to experts, the degree of awareness of personal responsibility of each citizen should also grow. Unfortunately, the available data show that this is not the case in Serbia, and that parallel education of citizens, as well as an increase in individual readiness for an adequate response, has been lacking.

In recent years, environmental awareness has been on the rise, which will have a positive effect in the future.

The most common misconception is that one person, a citizen, cannot have a significant impact on his environment. The real situation is completely different. Each individual can have an interactive influence on his environment, especially in terms of responsible behavior towards himself living environment.

The basis is an understanding of environmental problems, the relationship between man and nature, one’s own environmental behavior, a sense of participation, legal awareness of the environment, the relationship to the environment around us and, especially, that the environment is devastated by man.

The experiences of developed countries show that personal responsibility is the basis for developing and awakening collective responsibility, and therefore in the outcome and joint action that can produce positive change.

The first step towards personal progress is to accept the fact that it is man who devastates the environment.

Accidental action, which is a frequent occurrence, does not lead to a significant change in consciousness, it only serves to remedy the currently occurring problem. Continuous education that leads to a change in behavior and acceptance of personal responsibility of the individual can bring about a permanent change that benefits the wider social community.

The conditions and quality of life of future generations depend on this change.

Let’s act responsibly towards our environment!