The Government of Serbia is developing the city of Čačak

The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesić, attended the celebration of the Day of the City of Čačak, where he announced several important projects for that city, in addition to the completion of the section of the highway from Pakovraća to Požega, Minister Vesić also spoke about the dredging of Lake Medjuvršje, as well as numerous infrastructure projects.

Minister Vesić indicated that in the Ministry he leads, there is program for the integration development of the Ovčar-Kablar gorge, which will include the dredging of Lake Međuvršje, the glass lookout point on Kablar with a visitor center.

“It is important that people see how beautiful the Ovčarsko-Kablar gorge looks. We will build a rehabilitation center in Ovčar spa, as part of the hospital, and the first ecological catamaran, which will be in that gorge”, said Vesić.

He added that now sewerage is being built in Serbia for more than 3.5 billion euros, so more than 69 municipalities will get sewerage for the first time.

“We are doing things that Sbrija has not done for centuries. It is time for Serbia to catch up with developed countries and for our people to finally live in the country they deserve. This is what people recognize”, said Minister Vesić

The silting of Lake Međuvršje is planned as part of the “Clean Serbia” project, thanks to the Agreement on Economic Cooperation with Hungary.