Sewage networks and wastewater treatment plant for Majdanpek

In the Municipality of Majdanpek, the largest part of the main project for the construction of the sewage network within the “Clean Serbia” Project has already been completed, confirmed Slobodan Krajic, Acting Director of PUC “Vodovod” Majdanpek.

On the territory of Majdanpek, the “Clean Serbia” Project plans for, in addition to three sewage networks, the construction of a wastewater treatment plant.
“The largest part of the main project has been completed, but as it plans for the construction of only the so-called highway, a supplementary project related to the installation of pipes that will connect the buildings with the main sewage network is necessary, and our company will be involved in that work”, says Slobodan Krajic, Acting Director of PUC “Vodovod” Majdanpek, adding that the investment in sewage infrastructure in Majdanpek, Donji Milanovac and Rudna Glava will amount to around nine million Euros.
Krajic also notes that with the completion of this project, one of the biggest municipal problems will be addressed.