Treatment plants are necessary for entry into the EU

Negotiating Group 27 received the Chapter 27 Screening Report and an invitation to submit a negotiating position without initial benchmarks.

In the next 25 years, around 350 wastewater treatment plants need to be built in Serbia. Currently, there are 55 wastewater treatment plants in Serbia, of which only a few comply with EU standards.

Negotiating group 27 for the environment and climate change is made up of experts from various fields whose aim is to help the negotiation process of Serbia’s entry into the EU.

The rules of negotiation are divided into 35 areas. One of the negotiating chapters is chapter 27, which refers to the environment and climate change. It is one of the most complex, expensive and demanding negotiation chapters, considering that it permeates all other chapters as well.

Currently, the largest project in Serbia that envisages the construction of wastewater treatment plants is the “Clean Serbia” project, the implementation of which foresees the construction of 165 plants.