“Clean Serbia” Project significant for the Municipality of Tutin

The president of the Municipality of Tutin Salih Hot has particularly emphasized the significance of the “Clean Serbia” Project in the conversation with the Minister Edin Djerlek.

Edin Djerlek, the Minister in charge of even regional development has visited Tutin and spoke with the president of the Municipality, Salih Hot, about the possibility of support and co-financing of the projects of the highest value for the residents of this Municipality.

The Minister has emphasized, while recalling the completion of the road Novi Pazar-Tutin, which is of significant value for the local residents, but also an important state road and the construction of which was waited on for more than 40 years, that the construction of transport infrastructure number one prerequisite for the future investments in these parts.

While speaking about the completed projects, the president of the Municipality has stated that recently in Tutin, a substation was built, and through the “Clean Serbia” Project, a sewage network was built, which is of significant importance for this Municipality.