Valjevo: Two new plants are necessary for the city

The city of Valjevo currently has only one wastewater treatment plant. As part of the “Clean Serbia” project, Valjevo is expected to receive two more plants.

The director of „Vodovod“ Valjevo, Ivan Filipović, stated that Valjevo intends to reconstruct its existing plant, which has been operating at full capacity since 2003.

“The facility itself receives fecal sewage from the population, as well as rain sewage and industrial waste water.” The plant processes 400 l/s of dirty water. When we talk about the planned reconstruction she refers to hydro-mechanical equipment, the building itself and the extension of another building. Our goal is also to expand the capacity of biological water processing. The city is expanding, the sewage network is getting bigger, and we need our processing capacities to be bigger,” said Ivan Filipović, director of the „Vodovod“ Valjevo.

Filipović reminds that through the “Clean Serbia” project, it is planned that the city will get two more plants.

“Wastewater processing plants, in addition to the construction of the sewage network, are the only way to preserve the environment and the biodiversity of our rivers.  We plan to expand and reconstruct the existing facility in parallel with the announced activities of the state. The key moment in the whole story regarding wastewater is the relationship between citizens and business entities, their responsible behavior. Responsible behavior of all of us in order to preserve our environment”, said Ivan Filipović.