Most valuable investment in Varvarin – „Clean Serbia“

President of the Municipality of Varvarin Violeta Lutovac has emphasized the importance of the „Clean Serbia“ Project in particular for the Municipality of Varvarin during the interview for Krusevac Grad. She claims that this is the most valuable investment.

„The most significant and valuable investment is the ‚Clean Serbia‘ Project, through which we have received 22 million Euros from the Government in order to build a sewage networtk and four wastewater treatment facilities in four settlements“, Violeta Lutovac stated.

She says that there hasn‘t been an investment that would even come close to this one in the past 30 years in this municipality.

„Having in mind that clean and healthy environment is one of the priorities, the implementation of this project will have an even greater significance, because we wouldn‘t be able to build those 45 kilometers of sewage network and those wastewater treatment facilities for decades, if it weren‘t for the funds granted by the Government in the amount of five of our annual budgets“ Lutovac stated.

According to her statement, the works are progressing in a satisfactory pace, more than half of all work is already done, and after the project has been fully implemented, Varvarin, Varvarin Village, Gornji Katun and Obrez will have a complete sewage network.