Works in the village Dubnica have commenced

“The construction of infrastructure creates conditions for people to remain in villages”, stated the Mayor of Vranje ,dr Slobodan Milenković, while visiting the site of works on the construction of sewage network in the village Dubnica.

The site of works which are being executed in Dubnica as part of the “Clean Serbia” Project has been visited by the Mayor of Vranje, dr Milenković, who, among other things, has confirmed that the works in this municipality are being executed at multiple locations.

,,According to the design, the construction of sewage network in the length of 5,922 meters is planned here, and in that way, the village Dubnica will be completely municipally organized. The goal of the state and local management is for every village to have an organized municipal infrastructure, because that way, conditions for people, especially young people, to remain there are created. Additionally, at the same time, the works on the construction of sewage network in villages Davidovac, Donji Vrtogoš, Gornji Vrtogoš, and on the route towards the village Soderce are being executed. In the following period, construction of sewage network in Gornji and Donji Neradovac and the village Stropsko in the length of 10 km is planned” said the Mayor Milenković.

As part of the “Clean Serbia” Project, in multiple streets in the city simultaneously, the construction works on the replacement of old, and installment of new sewage network are in progress.

”After the completion of this, very demanding project, introduction of water supply infrastructure is planned, both in the city itself and the suburbs and surrounding villages. For this extraordinarily important project, the preparation of design and technical documentation is in progress” the Mayor stated.