Momirovic: 67 km of sewage network in Vrnjacka Banja

The Minister Tomislav Momirovic during his visit to Vrnjacka Banja has announced the works in the scope of the “Clean Serbia” Project. According to his words, 67 km of sewage network and a wastewater treatment plant will be constructed on the territory of this municipality.

“I expect that will we start working on the sewage infrastructure in the upcoming month. We will construct 67 km of brand new infrastructure, I also expect that we will begin working on a wastewater treatment plant within a year. The deadline for the total completion of the project is three years, but I expect that we will finish constructing the sewage infrastructure within a year and a half, and that we will need around one year’s time to complete the plant and that we will be able to say that all wastewaters from Vrnjacka Banja are entering the nature completely clean. That is the highest level existing in Europe and those are the prerequisites for further development of Vrnjacka Banja”, says the Minister.

The construction of the sewage network will cover the central zone of the municipality but also the village area, says the Municipality President Boban Djurovic.

“As far as the sewage and drainage of municipal waters, we are solving the whole of Vrnjacka Banja, the Project will cover the whole territory. What is most important is that we are working on key points in the city center which are problematic, mostly because the infrastructure, which is fairly old and was designed for a specific number of residents. The number of residents in Vrnjacka Banja is increasing,  especially thanks to those buying apartments and coming here frequently during the year and all that means that the current capacities are insufficient. Through this Project, we are changing old installations and are solving some key technical problems with the new ones, and what is most important we are covering complete parts of village territories which will wholly solve the drainage of wastewaters”, says the Municipality President.

The construction of wastewater treatment plant will cover 32,000 residents of Vranjacka Banja and immediate surroundings.