Construction of a Waste Management Center expected in Niš

Works on the construction of sewage network, within the ’Clean Serbia’ Project are currently ongoing in  Niš in three municipalities, at eight locations. Three locations are in Svrljig, one in Varvarin and four in Vranje. The Minister of Construction Tomislav Momirović has spoken during his visit to this city with the Mayor of Niš Dragana Sotirovski on the topic of regional landfill in Niš.

„One of the topics was the construction of a regional landfill, which is already planned within the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project, where 11 local self-governments are participating, including the City of Niš. Niš has allocated 16.5 million EUR from its local budget for this purpose, in order to, together with other local self-governments participate in the expropriation of land for the future landfill, which certainly means a lot for us, because that way we can partly close our old landfill and are helping the local self-governments address a long-term waste problem” says Sotirovski.

For the City of Niš a construction of a Waste Management Center with a thermovaluer is planned (a plant for co-incineration of solid mixed municipal waste) of the capacity up to 250 T/day, with all necessary accompanying contents (landfill, leachate treatment plant, administrative building…) The thermovaluer produces electrical energy and warm water, which can be used for heating of the facility. Contracted space area is 500,000m2. Additionally, repair and recultivation of the existing sanitary landfill on the surface of 135,700 m2 is planned.  Regional Waste Management Center will be joined by the following municipalities and cities: Sokobanja, Prokuplje, Blace, Žitorađe, Kuršumlija, Merošina, Ražanj, Doljevac, Aleksinac, Svrljig and Gadžin Han. Number of residents covered by the Regional Center in Niš is 484,094.