Stanišić will be the first village with a wastewater purifier

The village Stanišić in the Municipality of Sombor will be the first village where, as part of the “Clean Serbia” Project, a sewage network with a wastewater purifier will be constructed, as was announced by the City Administration of Sombor.

On of the priorities of the City is the development of planned expansion of the water supply network and wastewater sewage – and for that reason, unique design and technical documentation has been prepared for the “Clean Serbia” Project, in whole for the territory of the City of Sombor.
The beginning of the first phase of works is planned for this year, and the construction of 82 kilometers of sewage network is planned.

Apart from the purifier in Stanišić, the “Clean Serbia” Project plans for the construction of plants which will cover the villages Bački Breg-Kolut-Bezdan-Bački Monoštor, and the settlements  Aleksa Šantić-Svetozar Miletić-Čonoplja-Kljajićevo will be directly connected to the purifier in Sombor.