Works at seven locations in Mionica in planned dynamics

As many as seven construction sites are currently active in the Municipality of Mionica as part of the “Clean Serbia” project.

Works in the Municipality of Mionica are progressing according to the planned dynamics, so the sections of Rankovića street with a length of 262.30m, Antonijevića street 272.30m have already been completed. Works are underway at several locations: Divčibarski put 4, Breždjanska 1, Kevića sokak, Kneza Grbovića, Aleksandar Obradović, Milan Stanišić, Pajić street.

As part of the Clean Serbia project, in the next period, works on the construction of sewage infrastructure are planned at the following locations: Divčibarski put 1, Dragojevića strana, Mlin and  Breždjanska 2. In the month of November alone, the works included the installation of 100 manholes, and 2,489 m of sewage pipes were installed.

The importance of the ongoing works is evidenced by the statement of the President of the Municipality, Boban Janković, who said about the works: “This is our answer to environmental problems. These are projects worth 1.2 billions of dinars invested by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which will greatly improve the health and ecological image of our municipality”.


Momirović in visit to beginning of works on asphalting in Rubribreza

In the Municipality of Lajkovac, within the „Clean Serbia“ Project, asphalting of a 1,200 m long section has begun today after the completion of construction of sewage infrastructure. The works at the beggining of asphalting were visited by the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirović.

Municipality of Lajkovac, which was among the first municipalities to prepare the documentation and among the first municipalities where works on the implementation of the „Clean Serbia“ Project began, currently has three active sites: Bogovadja, Jabučje i Rubribreza.

So far, in Rubibreza itself, 2,870.00 meters of sewage network has been constructed, and connecting of residents there is currently in progress.  After the installing of pipes and completion of that part of technical works, asphalting of a section 1.2 kilometers in lenght has begun today.

„We have done a lot so far. On the territory of Lajkovac we have constructed 10 km of sewage infrastructure. Asphalting will begin here today and the plan is for the residents to receive a completely new asphalt. We plan to construct a total of 33 km of network, two wastewater treatment plants, which is very important as part of the Project as a whole, because plants are an integral part of Environmental Projects such as this one. We expect one plant to be finished by the end of this year. Great effort has been put here and for that I am thankful to our Chinese partners, people from the Municipality and naturally, to my associates from the Ministry“, Momirović said.

„I am exceptionally glad that the Municipality of Lajkovac was one of the first to be a part of the “Clean Serbia” Project, which is certainly a historic project in our country regarding the environmental issues. This Project will not only improve the living conditions of the residents of the Municipality of Lajkovac but it will also raise the environmental awareness of all the citizens. We are today in Rubibreza, where the works within the first phase of the Project are essentially complete. Two kilometers of sewage were constructed here and currently, household connections are being realized, and restoration of local roads to their original state is also in progress which is very important for the rural population. Above all, many thanks to the Minister Momirović for meeting our needs” the President of the Municipality of Lajkovac Andrija Živković stated.

Živković added that what follows is the continuation of works in Bogovadja in the length of 3 kilometers and where additionally one smaller wastewater treatment plant in the capacity of 600 users will be constructed, and then the reconstruction of the plant in Lajkovac itself which has the capacity of 10,000 users.

„The works are also in progress in the largest village of the Municipality of Lajkovac – Jabučje. A sewage network over 20 km long will be constructed. With that, we will have completed the whole in Lajkovac where over 30km of sewage network and two new wastewater treatment plants will be constructed by which more than 50% of residents will be connected to a wastewater and rainwater sewage, and we will, as a Municipality, continue to expand the network. The Minister visited Lajkovac multiple times already which has never happened before, and that shows that we have many works in Serbia, construction of factories, roads and municipal infrastructure and that the Serbian Government is looking after all of that“ Živković stated.

Construction of sewage infrastcturue in villages has until now been an almost impossible undertaking. The „Clean Serbia“ Project is not only improving the urban areas but is also facilitating the development of rural areas. „The Municipality of Lajkovac is keeping up with the development of not only cities but villages as well. It is very important that rural or smaller areas are developing. We have demonstrated that here and included two villages into the Project. People who live in such areas also desere to have the same living conditions as those living in cities. I have to admit the residents were not expecting this but they are satisfy and they genuinely accept the ongoing works within the „Clean Serbia“ Project“, Živković commented.



Works in Kragujevac are progressing

Today, representatives of “Clean Serbia” visited the works on the construction of sewage infrastructure in Kragujevac. The works in Maršić are proceeding according to the expected dynamics.

In Kragujevac, as part of the “Clean Serbia” project, works are currently being carried out at as many as 4 locations, namely: Maršić, Denino brdo, Brdjanska and Male pčelice, while in the immediate vicinity in the Municipality of Knić, works are being carried out at two locations Kusovac-Toponica and Knić celina 3.

The works in Maršić were visited today by Wang Xuefeng, manager of the “Clean Serbia” project and the Chinese company CBRC, and Dragan Jeremić, advisor to the Minister of Infrastructure.

During the visit, the representatives of “Clean Serbia” noted that the works at 19 Oktobar Street in Maršić are nearing completion, while the sewer network in Mladena Milovanovića Street is in full construction. Only in this part of Kragujevac, works are being carried out in the length of 1,489.00m, where pipes of profile fi300 and 2,877,00m of pipes of profile fi 250 are being laid. The total projected length for this settlement is 3,877.00m.

The equivalent of households that will be covered by the construction of the sewage network is about 350.

Works are going according to plan

Works on the construction of the sewage network in 15 Municipalities and Cities with which the contracts were signed within the “Clean Serbia” Project are going according to the planned dynamics.

This year, signing of new contracts is planned, and that way the construction of sewage network will be possible in even more cities, which will also unequivocally raise the living standard of residents there and preserve the rivers in their immediate vicinity.

SN. Site What is worked on Lengths being worked on now
1. Lajkovac Sewage 2,267.85
2. Knić Sewage 1711.83
3. Kragujevac Sewage 3808.5
4. Krupanj Sewage 874.83
5. Kladovo Sewage Rtkovo/ 6755.26 m

Velika Vrbica/ 7788.48 m

Korbovo/7675.98 m

Total: 22 219,72 m

6. Lazarevac Sewage 8.838.79
7. Mionica Sewage 125.89
8. Obrenovac Sewage 5,766.12
9. Svrljig Sewage 831.9
10. Varvarin Sewage 27,036.00
11. Vranje Sewage 4,030.00
12. Kučevo Sewage 7115 m
13. Novi Sad Sewage 23775
14. Novi Bečej Sewage 24773
15. Banja Vrujci Sewage 604.91

Due to the continuous decrease in the quality of waters, as well as due to the intensive and imbalanced use of waters in different regions and industries, which is not linked enough to the adoption of coherent practices of water recycling and reuse, the future availability of waters is in many regions jeopardized.  That is way, on the threshold of the third millennium, water can be considered a strategic resource, as well as a trade good, and programs of sustainable water management must be implemented on local, regional, national and international levels (Teodosiu et al., 2003).

Works progressing within “Clean Serbia” project

Despite the bad weather and winter conditions of work, the works on the construction of the sewage network on several opened construction sites in 14 cities and municipalities have certainly not halted.

On several locations, more than the half of planned works have been completed, which opens up the possibility for works which were divided into phases to progress to the next phase. Several construction sites have been opened in the beginning of this year, but the pace of completed works was going according to the plan, despite the snow, rain and lower temperatures.

The “Clean Serbia” Project plans the construction of 5,206,679.31 m of sewage network in total, and the number of wastewater treatment plants is almost the half of the total number needed for the whole of Serbia (165 WWTPs).

The works are expected to start on more locations this year, as well as the signing of the contracts with the cities and municipalities.

1. Lajkovac, completed – 2,869.15m

2. Knic – Kusovac drain -730m

3. Kragujevac :

Male Pcelice 113m


Milivoja Bankovica Sicka – 690.5 m

Marsic -554m

4. Krupanj -1,265.30m


Velika Vrbica: 840,62m completed sewer collectors on the basin 400

Korbovo: 172,91m completed sewer collectors on the basin 600

970,15m completed sewer collectors on the basin 700

Rtkovo: 120m completed sewer collectors on the basin 800

6. Lazarevac: 3,805.4m

7. Mionica: 850.34m

8. Obrenovac: 5,617m

9. Svrljig :

Ljubovacka towards the Mrgodova DN200 -191.00m

Ljubovacka towards the Groblje DN200 -138.20m

10. Varvarin:

Obrez- DN200 -588.50m/ DN315 -150.00m

11. Vranje:

Kosovska Street DN200 -499.50m/ Atmospheric sewage DN400 -76.00m

Bunosevac DN315 -256.00m

12. Kucevo: 840.62m

13. Novi Sad:

Cenej 11,946.00

Potisa 2,384.00 m

Kisac– Gravitational sewage: 5,906.00 m

14.Novi Becej 701 m