CRBC Director Yang Dong in visit to APG of Vojvodina

The Director of the China Road and Bridge Corporation Serbia Branch Mr. Yang Dong has visited the Autonomous Province Government of Vojvodina where he spoke with the president of the Autonomous Province president Igor Mirovic.

At the meeting which was held in the buildings of the Autonomous Province Government the parties spoke about the projects implemented by the company on the territory of the AP of Vojvodina.

Mirovic has expressed his conviction that the successful cooperation with this particular Chinese Company will continue and introduced the Chinese Partners with new projects planned and prepared by the Autonomous Province Government.

The Director of the company, Mr. Yang Dong has informed the president Mirovic on the state of the works on the Fruskogorski corridor, construction of a new bridge in Novi Sad, implementation of the “Clean Serbia” Project, which includes the construction of Wastewater Treatment Plants, as well as on the construction of the factory complex “Linglong” in Zrenjanin, where the full scope of production is expected to begin in the months to follow.