Close to 10 km of sewage network was built in Novi Bečej

As part of the “Clean Serbia” project, close to 10 kilometers of sewage network have been built in Novi Bečej. The construction of a system for the removal and processing of waste water will permanently solve the sewage problem for the 17,000 inhabitants of this municipality.

In the Municipality of Novi Bečej, two waste water drainage systems are used for the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project: vacuum and gravity. The total contracted length in Novi Bečej is 47,580.28 m. The largest part of the contracted length is provided by the building permit of vacuum phase II. So far, 32,564.74 meters have been constructed. Execution and testing of vacuum sewerage

the network runs smoothly and according to the planned dynamics.

The vacuum phase I in Novi Bečej is almost finished, there is still less than one kilometer to go, while 3,594.19m have been completed so far. The remaining part will be done according to the predicted dynamics of the works, and this phase will also be tested again as part of a connected vacuum sewage system.

The vacuum sewerage system is used in cases such as: completely flat terrain, especially if the groundwater level is high, – unfavorable longitudinal profile with pronounced ups and downs, unstable soil, low population density and large coefficients of unevenness of water consumption, i.e. uneven flow in sewerage, the need to protect the terrain from possible contamination by canal content, the need for a high degree of environmental protection When it comes to the gravity sewerage system in Novi Bečej, a total of 3,325.25 meters have been done so far. After the approval of the methodology by the road supervision, the remaining part was paved. There is a little less than one kilometer left until the contracted 4,055 meters, so even this section covered by the construction with permission closer to the end.

The total value of the project, which, in addition to the sewage network, also includes the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in this municipality is 24.5 million euros.