Asphalting has begun in the Milivoja Bankovića Sićka Street in Kragujevac

Within the „Clean Serbia“ Project in Kragujevac, asphalting of the Milivoja Bankovića Sićka Street ha begun. Asphalting is being done in the full lenght of the street.

Asphalting in the Milivoja Bankvića Sićka Street is being executed in the lenght of 1,292.5 meters after the contruction of sewage network has been executed in the street, 40 manholes have been done and pipe of the fi 250 profile have been installed.  Dynamic of works planned for the completion of the first half of the street yesterday, while the other half will be completed on the first working day of the following week.  The Contractor of works in the aforementioned area is the company Concord West ltd, while the asphalting itself is being executed by the Road Company Kragujevac.

The aforementioned street is just one of many locations at which works are being executed in Kraguevac so the intesive works on the construction of sewage infrastructure are currently ongoing at the following locations:  Male pčelice , Brdjanska St., Maršić, Ilićevo2. . In total, the ‚Clean Serbia‘ Project plans for the construction of  41,745.42 m of sewage infrastructure in Kragujevac.

The Regional Center Kragujevac covers the execution of works in Knić at the following sections: Kusovac-Toponica, Knić Unit 3 while the Kusovac drain has already been completed. The Project in Knić  plans the construction of  34,390.80 m of sewage network.