Finishing works in Baba Zlatina Street in Vranje

After completing the works on the reconstruction of the Baba Zlatina Street in Vranje, placement of paving stone is currently in process, by which the street will be returned to its original state. As part of the “Clean Serbia” Project, sewage network has also been done in this street.

Citizens of Vranje are very familiar with the Baba Zlatina street which is also a protected cultural and historical property, and to the wider Serbian public it is also known as the street where the  writer Bora Stankovic was born. The works on the reconstruction of the said street were initiated last year, and were completed through several phases.

The first phase of works in this street was initiated by the “Clean Serbia”. The works included the reconstruction of wastewater sewage network. The street is 297 meters long and wide from 3 to 4 meters. The works were financed with the funds from the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.
The second phase included the construction of stormwater sewage, reconstruction of the water supply line and the road, i.e., placement of the new pavement stone. This phase was realized with the funds from the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and City of Vranje.