Đurić: We are continuing the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project

The new mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, in an interview with Novi Sad’s Dnevnik, pointed out that Novi Sad is not giving up on the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project in this city.

In his presentation, Đurić also emphasized the importance of the construction projects of the Central Treatment Plant and the sewerage network for those settlements where there was none until now.

“Construction of the Central Wastewater Purifier is one of the strategic priorities in the coming period, it is part of the “Clean Serbia” project, which is financed from the national budget. The implementation of the first phase, which includes the construction and reconstruction of the sewage network in Kisac, Čenej, Podbara, Limani one and two, is underway. The purchase of land at the location in Rokovo potok, where a treatment plant will be built according to the most modern technical and technological solutions, which will be able to “follow” the needs of the further development of the city, is now in the process, said Đurić.

The new mayor of Novi Sad also says that waste management is key for the city.

“By building a regional waste management system, we will provide the City with everything it needs for waste management in the next 50 years.” The total value of the project is about 114 million euros, and it will be realized in three phases, so it is important to point out that the City secured 41 million euros in grants from the IPA fund for the realization of the first phase. The plan is to announce a public call for the implementation of the first phase by the spring of next year, so that the works themselves could begin in 2024,” Đurić told Dnevnik.

The benefit of the implementation of both projects will be felt first of all by the citizens of Novi Sad and the surrounding towns, and both projects are strategic for the people of Novi Sad.

“Both projects are of strategic importance for Novi Sad, and the previous several city authorities promised and announced them. Since the SNS has been in power, we have managed to create all the conditions and environment for a start

implementation, and I expect that it will continue to follow the established dynamics. It is important that the people of Novi Sad finally get both a sewage treatment plant and a landfill, and not which politician will cut the red tape in the end”, Đurić stated for Dnevnik.