At the ecology fair and about wastewater treatment

The 18th International Energy Fair and the 19th International Fair of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources – EcoFair were opened in Belgrade. self-governments, utility companies, waste generators, professional public. The aim of Ecofair is to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection, promote sustainability and provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, information and innovation related to environmental issues.

Ecofair also proved to be an excellent platform for connecting various actors in the field of environmental protection, such as non-governmental organizations, institutions, companies, activists and experts. This is an opportunity for the public to become familiar with the work and initiatives of organizations dealing with ecology and to encourage the engagement of citizens in environmental protection.

Finally, the emphasis of this manifestation is on the financing and management of projects in the sector of environmental protection, investment projects and waste management, purification and management of waste water, industrial safety and domestic legislation related to this issue. The essence of the complete agenda of this fair event is the ultimate demand and promotion of environmentally friendly behavior as a way of life.

The fair lasts until November 30, and an important place is the aspect of wastewater treatment throughout Serbia, which is one of the tasks of the “Clean Serbia” project, the implementation of which foresees the construction of 165 treatment plants.