Investment in the sewage network in the Klisa settlement in Novi Sad

The Mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, together with his colleagues, visited the works on the restoration of road infrastructure in Zmajevački put Street in the Novi Sad neighborhood of Klisa, and on that occasion he pointed out that the City of Novi Sad has invested 3 billion and 130 million dinars in the Klisa neighborhood so far. Next comes the investment in the sewage network through the “Clean Serbia” project.

Đurić announced that, as part of the second phase of the “Clean Serbia” project implemented by the Republic of Serbia, the City of Novi Sad received funds for part of Klisa, Gornja livada, and that it is expected to begin the process of building a sewage network.” From 18 kilometers that need to be built sewerage network works will cover a little more than 5 kilometers and they should start at the end of this year, which is extremely important for the citizens of Gornji livada”, said Đurić.

The mayor of Novi Sad said that investments in this part of the city will continue through the construction of other infrastructure and facilities according to the needs of the citizens.

“I am proud that we have continued to invest in a part of the City that is very important to us. “Klisa is a neighborhood that developed very quickly, and in this part of the city we can proudly point out that we have invested in the construction of water and sewage networks, the construction of roads, public lighting… and we will not stop there,” Đurić pointed out.