Works at seven locations in Mionica in planned dynamics

As many as seven construction sites are currently active in the Municipality of Mionica as part of the “Clean Serbia” project.

Works in the Municipality of Mionica are progressing according to the planned dynamics, so the sections of Rankovića street with a length of 262.30m, Antonijevića street 272.30m have already been completed. Works are underway at several locations: Divčibarski put 4, Breždjanska 1, Kevića sokak, Kneza Grbovića, Aleksandar Obradović, Milan Stanišić, Pajić street.

As part of the Clean Serbia project, in the next period, works on the construction of sewage infrastructure are planned at the following locations: Divčibarski put 1, Dragojevića strana, Mlin and  Breždjanska 2. In the month of November alone, the works included the installation of 100 manholes, and 2,489 m of sewage pipes were installed.

The importance of the ongoing works is evidenced by the statement of the President of the Municipality, Boban Janković, who said about the works: “This is our answer to environmental problems. These are projects worth 1.2 billions of dinars invested by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which will greatly improve the health and ecological image of our municipality”.