Two more streets in preparation for asphalting in Vranje

After the asphalting of Sava Kovačević Street, two more streets are currently being prepared for asphalting in Vranje.

The works that began in December last year as part of the “Clean Serbia” project in Vranje, envisage the construction of 141 kilometers of sewage network, worth 70 million euros.

The current works include the construction of the collector where the processing of the shafts remains and their examination, while the works at the locations in Makedonska and Drvarska streets are in the final phase. Two more streets are already in the final stage of paving. “These are the streets of Kralja Milan and Karadjordjeva. All that remains is to install the buffer layer, test it using the static method, and then start asphalting. We hope so the predicted rain will not significantly affect the expected dynamics of the asphalting works scheduled for next week”, say the regional center of “Clean Serbia”.

In Vranje, permits for 22.5 kilometers of sewage network have already been secured.