New construction sites in Kragujevac for new kilometers of sewage network

Works within the “Clean Serbia” project in Kragujevac are currently being carried out at the Petrovac and Veliko polje – Grošnica locations. The works were completed in Dimitrija Katić and Sveta Pavlović Streets.

In the settlement of Petrovac in Kragujevac, works are underway on the construction of a 3,920 m long sewage network, where as many as 125 manholes and 250 cisterns will be installed. So far, works have been carried out in Djurdja Branković Street for a length of 100 meters and work has begun in Kikindska street.

In the settlement of Grošnica, the “Clean Serbia” project envisages the construction of 3,139 meters. Work has begun on the installation of the sewage network in Kučajska street, where 90 meters have already been completed, and the project envisages the installation of 115 manholes and pipes of the fi250 profile.

That the implementation of the project in Kragujevac is progressing is also evidenced by the fact that after the completion of the works on laying the pipes in Bogoljuba Djurdjevića Street in the upper part, technical tests are underway, while the works in the same street in its lower part have already started.

New construction site in Kragujevac

Another construction site was opened in Kragujevac as part of the “Clean Serbia” project. The residents of the Ilićevo settlement will receive a new sewer line.

IIićevo 2 envisages the construction of a sewage network with a length of 3,463 meters and the installation of as many as 168 manholes and pipes with a profile of 250 mm. The first works are currently being carried out in Dimitrija Katić Street, and works will follow in Sveta Pavkovića, Bogoljub Djordjevića Streets as a whole. already started in Ulica Bogoljuba Djordjevića (upper part).

In Kragujevac, in addition to Ilićevo, 4 other construction sites are currently active: Male pčelice, Maršić, Brdjanska street and Vladimira Pejovića street. In the previous week, Milivoja Bankovića Sićka Street was asphalted, thus completing the works at the mentioned location.

The contractor is Concord west.