Operational meeting in Vranje for better implementation of the project

Representatives of the city of Vranje, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and companies involved in the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project held an operational meeting where the implementation of the project was analyzed.

The Mayor of Vranje, Slobodan Milenkovic, pointed out that the meeting is an opportunity to see what has been done so far, but also to see what is needed in order to continue the implementation of the project. The “Clean Serbia” project envisages the construction of 141 kilometers of sewage network worth 70 million euros in Vranje, as well as 33 kilometers in Vranjska Banja.

The meeting was also attended by the state secretary in the relevant ministry, Isidora Burić, as well as acting Assistant Minister Dušan Radonjić, who are in charge of monitoring the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project throughout the country, and State Secretary Dragan Stevanović.

“The idea is to give importance to the south of Serbia. A lot of things have been done in Vranje in the past years in this area, because it is very important for us that the south of Serbia is in some way the focus, that’s why the “Clean Serbia” project was started from here. A serious and significant project for Vranje. There were problems during the implementation of the project, but that’s why we’re all here together, to react on time and solve them on the fly,” said Stevanović.