Waste water treatment plant in Novi Sad

Basic estimates are that around 24 tons of wastewater from the City of Novi Sad end up in the Danube River every day. As part of the “Clean Serbia” project, the construction of a treatment plant is planned wastewater in Petrovaradin.

The pollution of any river watercourse is never without mutual impact on the environment in the immediate environment. The waste water that ends up in the Danube River is full of harmful substances that not only destroy and negatively affect the biodiversity of the river itself, but also indirectly have a harmful effect on people’s lives, considering that a part enters the food chain.

In the past few years, a significant part of the preparations for the realization of a large and expensive project of the construction of a central treatment plant was carried out with the plan that the capacity of the future treatment plant would be 400,000 inhabitants, with the possibility of expansion to 500,000.

Real progress in solving the mentioned problems was achieved by the contract with the Chinese company CRBC, with which the construction of the wastewater treatment plant was contracted.

It is planned that the construction of the plant will practically be part of the third phase of the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project, and the estimated value of the investment is 120 million euros.