Bor in preparation for the works within the “Clean Serbia” Project

City of Bor has completed the Preliminary Solution for the first phase of works which will be executed within the “Clean Serbia” Project. For the city of Bor, 30 km of new wastewater sewage, reconstruction of 60 km of the existing sewage network and five wastewater treatment plants is planned.

At the meeting held in Bor, attended by the representatives of the “Clean Serbia”, city of Bor, Zi Jin Company and the contractors of the CRBC Company, it was concluded that extensive works are yet to come and that, considering the scope of the Project, they will last at least for another 3 years. Within the “Clean Serbia” Project, reconstruction of around 60 kilometers of wastewater sewage is planned in the settlements of Metalurg, Napredak, Bor 2, Sloga, Novi gradski centar and parts of Staro and Novo selište. New kilometers of sewage will be constructed for Savača and a part of it covers lake Bor.

Slaviša Frišković, manager of the “Clean Serbia” Project in the Regional Center Bor has especially emphasized during the meeting that for the city of Bor, construction of five wastewater treatment plants is planned.

“River Bor is a recipient for one plant and for three more the recipient is Brestovacka river, and there is one more plant planned for lake Bor and Savaca. Therefore, in the near future, we will have addressed the issue of wastewaters in regards to lake Bor and Savaca. Preparation of the Preliminary Solution is in progress, and Zi Jin Copper company has taken part in the whole project due to its interest in using the treated water as industrial water in the production process.”

What could be heard from the meeting, the necessary documentation for obtaining the Construction Permit should be completed by autumn, and by that time the works would commence as well. The value of the complete project in Bor is 80 million EUR.