Preparatory asphalt works in Kragujevac

In the regional center of Kragujevac, as part of the “Clean Serbia” project, preparatory asphalting works are starting today at the location of Milivoja Bankovića Sićka Street.

At numerous locations in Krgujevac, the construction of a sewage network is being implemented as part of the “Clean Serbia” project. Works at certain locations are nearing completion, which is also the case with Milivoja Bankovića Sićka Street, where works were carried out on the construction of a 1,290.05 meter long sewage network. In this street, the preparatory works that precede the asphalting begin today, which brings the street itself into the final phase of the works.

In Kragujevac, as part of the “Clean Serbia” project, two streets in the Maršić neighborhood have already been completed, while work has begun on the third.

Works are also underway at the Denino brdo location, where property legal relations are also being resolved along with the works.

The “Clean Serbia” project in Kragujevac consists of three important environmental projects – the construction of a 360-kilometer sewage network, three wastewater treatment plants and a new landfill.