Mali: “Clean Serbia” project capital investment in 2024 as well

Siniša Mali, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Serbia and Minister of Finance stated that Serbia will continue with the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project in 2024 as well.

In his New Year’s address to the media, the Minister of Finance stated that there is a clear plan for financing and repaying obligations due in 2024 and stressed that Serbia’s public debt is completely under control.

“We will not announce in advance whether or not we will go to the capital market, but if there is a need, we will go out completely relaxed, relaxed and if we get good offers, we will use that money not for consumption, but for what the citizens of Serbia have benefit, and these are mainly capital investments – from the “Clean Serbia” project, investments in sewage networks, waste water treatment plants, to further investments in local roads, highways, expressways, high-speed railways,” said Mali.