Sewer network for Vranje and Vranje villages

In Vranje, work has begun on the reconstruction of the fecal sewage network in Filipa Filipovića Street, as part of the “Clean Serbia” project. The street has not been completely reconstructed until now, because the works on the sewage network were also waiting to be completed, said the president of the Provisional Authority of the city of Vranje, Dr. Slobodan Milenković.

“Thanks above all to his understanding of the problems of ordinary people, President Vučić launched this program to arrange the communal infrastructure in villages, suburban settlements, but also in the city itself. This is a big and significant project for Vranje,” said Milenković while visiting the works.

In this street, a new sewage system will be built and a part of the water supply network and the storm sewer network will be reconstructed.

Milenković reminded that within the “Clean Serbia” project, 142 kilometers of sewage network will be built on the territory of the City of Vranje, and the value of the works is around 70 million euros.