The second phase of the project starts from Novi Sad

The second phase of the “Clean Serbia” project began in Novi Sad. Minister of construction, transport and infrastructure Goran Vesić announced 97.7 km of sewage network for this city.

Together with representatives of the CRBC company and the mayor

Novi Sad Minister Goran Vesić visited the works in Novi Sad at the Liman2 location.

“I am proud that we are starting the second phase of the Clean Serbia project from Novi Sad. We will do 97.7 kilometers in Novi Sad

sewerage, and the total value of that is 55 million euros and already within the framework in the first two phases, we are working on waste water plants on which about 3,300 people work,” said Minister Vesić.

According to the minister, the second phase of the works includes construction sewage treatment plants in Čenej.

“We will also work on a large wastewater treatment plant that is, the central plant near Rokovo potok in Petrovaradin for which the City of Novi Sad has already provided land, and the value of that project will be around 120 million euros. It is the largest facility that will be built within the “Clean Serbia” project.

According to Minister Vesić, total investment in this area infrastructure of Novi Sad will amount to 175 million euros.

The mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, confirmed that 80% of the works have been completed planned for the first phase has already been completed. Liman 1, Liman 2, Podbara and Čenej. It is about 66 kilometers of sewage network. This is one a very important project for the City of Novi Sad. The value of this investment, the first and second phases amount to 6.5 billion dinars,” said Đurić.

Đurić adds that the design of the main central purifier Rokovo potok in Petrovaradin, of exceptional importance.