Clean Serbia one of the most important projects for Novi Sad

The Mayor Milan Djuric has announced, after the meeting with the representatives of CRBC, that the construction of a wastewatertreatment plant should ensue in the upcoming period. Gradonačelnik Milan Đurić najavio je nakon sastanka sa predstavnicima kompanije CRBC za naredni period izgradnju postrojenja za preradu otpadnih voda.

After the meeting with the representatives of CRBC, the Mayor of Novi Sad Milan Djuric has announced on his Instagram Profile, that many projects that this company is currently impementing in Novi Sad were talked about.

„It was concluded, in the conversation with the Chinese partners, that there are no issues in the process of implementation of designs, and that works are progressing according to the established dynamics. Important meetings await in the upcoming period, pertaining to the implementation of the „Clean Serbia“ Project, i.e., the construction of a wastewater treatment plant, as one of the most important designs for our City. We will continue to develop our Novi Sad“ Djuric stated.


Final asphalting in Vranje

The first asphalting within the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project in Vranje was completed today. “A lot of work is upon us, and the City of Vranje will keep providing the necessary aid, in order to ensure the works are progressing according to the planned dynamic”, said the Mayor of Vranje Slobodan Milenkovic.

The first works on the realization of the Project, which began in December last year, are now entering their final phase. Asphalting of the Sava Kovacevic Street was completed today

“This is the first asphalt to be laid through the ‘Clean Serbia’ Program in the entire country. Asphalting is starting in Vranje in the same way, as the first implementation of the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project started in our city first in the Kosovska Street in December last year. In Vranje, 141 kilometers of sewage network should be built as part of the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project in the value of 70 million Euros, as well as 33.05 kilometers in Vranjska Banja,” says the Mayor Slobodan Milenkovic.

At a meeting organized with representatives of the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project after a tour of the asphalting works, he noted that demanding works await in the coming period on the entire territory of the City of Vranje. According to him, the city is already intensively working on the designing.

“Permits have already been secured for 22.5 kilometers of the network, and 3.2 kilometers of the sewage network have already been built” Milenkovic explained.

More than half a kilometer of 6-meter-wide roadway is asphalted in the Sava Kovacevic Street.

As all worksmake traffic communication difficult during their execution, the Project Manager of the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project and the ChineseCompany CRBC, Wang Xuefeng thanked the citizens for their patience.

I thank the citizens of Vranje for their patience. I expect that the dynamics of the works will be even better in the coming period. This is a large and important Project, with many challenges. In the coming period, the execution of the works will be organized at several locations simultaneously, and all in order to meet the planned dynamics and deadlines” saidXuefeng.

The asphalting was also attended by the advisor of the Minister of Infrastructure Dragan Jeremic, who said that a lot was done in Vranje in terms of the necessary documentation as a basic prerequisite for the implementation of the Project.

Vranje did a lot. Firstly, design documentation, cooperation with the City Administration and with the Mayor. I can praise the whole structure, because without those who work, there is no solution and no work done. They all depend on each other and in order for one roller orasphalt layer to arrive, they all have to work like clockwork. Vranje did that and I thank them for that” Jeremic said at the meeting and pointed out that this is a concrete and real green project, which will remain with citizens of Vranje for long-term use.

As announced, the citizens now expect the asphalting of the Car Dusan Street, where the works on the installation of the sewage infrastructure have already been carried out.