The first 118 meters were completed in Podbara, Novi Sad

The first 118 meters of the sewer network in Podbara in Novi Sad have been completed.

The reconstruction of the sewerage network at Podbara in Novi Sad has successfully started. The “Clean Serbia” project envisages that the works will be carried out in several phases.

The first 118 meters together with drains and connections have been completed. We are waiting for the investor to approve the continuation of the works, as well as the addition of the project for the upcoming phase of the works. The completed section was restored to its original state after the reconstruction of the network.

“The subcontractors took all the necessary measures regarding the safe execution of the works, especially considering that the construction site is located in the very center of the city,” said the Regional Center of “Clean Serbia” in Novi Sad.

In Novi Sad, the implementation of the following projects is planned: the construction of a sewage network in the settlements of Čenej and Kisač, reconstruction of the sewage system at Port 1, Port 2, as well as the sewage network at Podbara in four phases.

In total, when it comes to Novi Sad, the project envisages the construction of 66.8 km of sewage network within Phase 1, 24.9 km of network + 1 WWTP within Phase 2 and 3.